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Reach your maximum potential with Dietitian Andrea 

Your nutrition expert


Let me help you reach your goals :

  • Weight loss

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Allergies/ Intolerances

  • Disease Prevention and/or Management

  • Pregnancy Management

  • Renal

  • Hormonal / Endocrine

  • Diabetes 

  • Eating Disorders



Flexibility is my thing!

I want to provide my clients with all the opportunities they can and should get. 

That's why I have come up with different ways we can work together. You can either get an online plan that will de instantly delivered to you, considering your goals and preferences, or you can schedule an online consultation with me. Some prefer to have an online customized plan with all the resources they need to achieve their goals, while others prefer to have a one on one. 

Whatever works for you so we can start reaching those goals of yours!

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About Dietitian Andrea

Born in Madrid, and raised in Miami, Andrea is fluent in both Spanish and English. She holds a degree in Human Nutrition provided by University of Alabama. She is an expert in clinical (e.g. diabetes, renal, hormonal,

pregnancy) ,weight loss, and sports nutrition.

Andrea’s broad experience includes but is not limited to digestive disorders, food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, disease management and/or prevention, weight loss and special dietary needs.  She understands that each individual needs a distinct and carefully tailored diet. Trying to fit everyone in the same generalized diet only leads to poor results.

Before getting her degree, Andrea suffered from many food sensitivities which triggered skin reactions, abdominal pain and distension, as well as feeling tired and lacking vitality. Through her extensive understanding in body immunology and physiology, she was able to find and treat her own food triggers. Today, Andrea has no longer any reaction towards foods. She wishes to help others cure their food allergies and/or sensitivities as well.


She also specializes in weight loss based on her knowledge on body anatomy metabolism, as well as endocrine physiology. If you understand how your body and hormones work, healthy weight will follow. This concept has led Andrea have 100% success rate when it comes to helping her patients achieve their ideal and healthy weight.

To be the best athlete, you need the best coach

The right diet for maximum sports performance

In addition, Andrea has an special interest  in and has a deep passion for sports nutrition. She has devoted endless years to exercise science research which has led her to be an exceptional sports dietitian.  To be the best athlete you need a dietitian who not only understands the nutrition component behind exercise, but also someone who has an extensive knowledge about all elements that comprise exercise - which are training protocol, neural and metabolic adaptation, endurance, and muscle hypertrophy.


We also must optimize nutritional status to achieve the maximum exercise potential. Prevalent patterns of “fueling” with protein powders, carbohydrate loading, sugary sports drinks, and others misconceptions lead to poor results . The high training load and poor diet (e.g., high in refined carbs/high glycemic, supplementation, and lack of nutrients) contributes to even more inflammation and oxidative stress. 

It doesn't matter what sport you play,  it will be impossible for you to reach your maximum potential as an athlete if you don't get the right fuel for your body.


We are currently full. Please contact us at to book you a consultation manually.*

We are currently full. Please contact us at to book you a consultation manually.*

My relationship with food was a nightmare before working with Andrea. I currently no longer feel the need to constantly eat. I suffered from food anxiety because I was always hungry. No matter what and how much I ate, my cravings wouldn't go away. Now I'm in a diet plan where I feel free for the first time. Cravings are gone, I am sleeping more soundly, my mood is more stable, my depression is lifted as well as my mental fog. Thank you, thank you!

Josephine, age 36.